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Lane Guide | Training Videos

These short video productions will help you understand and maximize the Lane Guide tools available to you.


Finding REO/Asset Admin (Online Version)

Lane Guide REO/Asset Administrator search allows you to find REO contacts nationwide for lenders which service or have properties in your state.  Watch this video to learn how to use this  Online search tool.

Finding Banks & Credit Unions With REO's and Non-Performing Notes (Online Version)

Lane Guide Performance Dashboard search allows you to find contacts in your state and county area for lenders which service or have properties.  Watch this video to learn how to use this  Online search tool.

Lender/Trustee Search (Online Version)

Lane Guide Lender/Trustee Search application allows you to find the REO contact or the Foreclosure Trustee associated with a property.  If you have the Lender's Name and Lender's Address you can find the contacts you need.  This is the feature which directly links with

REO Portfolio Analyzer (Online Version)

Lane Guide Portfolio Analyzer finds the players by their total OREO and their sub-totals by loan category (Residential, Multi/Family, Commercial, Land, etc.).  This feature allows you to see the players Nationally or in your state.  Links to the LenderTrack feature in Lane Guide so you can see trends per lender over time.

For Payoffs, Releases and REO's (Online)

Lane Guide Name Finder allows you to quickly find the lender and department you need for a payoff, release or REO contact. You will find the lender or it's current successor easily and link to the department or service center you need. Watch this short video to learn more. time.

Marketing with Lane Guide (All Versions)

Lane Guidegives you ways to make industry contacts. See this short demonstration video with ideas to use Lane Guide in your office.