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Dear Mr. Lane:

For the past four years we have had the opportunity to subscribe to your Lane Guide which we found to be one of the most important reference guides that this office maintains. We have found that we have saved a substantial amount of money by using the toll free numbers that your guide indicates and these savings were more than enough to cover the cost of subscription.

The vast amount of information contained in your guide would have taken us years to compile, and your guide gives us immediate fingertip findings to almost any source of information in the credit line. We wish to commend you and your organization for the fine work you have done and wish you continued success with your Lane Guide."

(From letter dated March 11, 1964)

Milo A. Speriglio, Director
Calif. Attorney Investigators
Los Angeles, CA


About Lane Guide

Lane Guide is a convenient and effective way to locate lenders, financing companies, and bank-owned real-estate asset managers. Our services have grown and evolved over the last 50 years to aid our customers in researching information.  Started as a creditor inter-office directory, the Guide has grown to be one of the largest and most extensive lender data sources available.

Lane Guide | History

1957 Lane GuideThe Lane Guide, founded as "Lane Information Consolidated," the brain child of Mr. John M. Lane. Working as a credit manager for a major finance company, Mr. Lane saw the need for one central and consolidated information source for lenders, creditors and banks.

In July of 1957, Mr. Lane put the idea into reality with the first edition of the Lane Creditors Guide. Covering the greater Los Angeles area, the Guide grew to cover all of Southern California by the early 1960’s and Nationwide by the 1990’s.

Today, The Lane Guide serves thousands of industry professionals nationwide. Our Nationwide Online Internet version allows for instant access to over 120,000 financial institution offices and step-by-step lender succession histories for over 55,000 more which have closed or consolidated over the years. We maintain a staff of editorial and research professionals who constantly maintain and enhance our information. Our data files continue to grow on an ongoing basis.

Our state-of-the-art editorial system allows us to track changes throughout the year, keeping Lane Guide information current. So many professionals have come to rely on the accurate and consolidated information found only in the Lane Guide.

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Lane Guide | Mission

Lane Guide is dedicated to providing the industry with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible. For over 50 years, our dedication to excellence has made us a premier information service provider. All efforts made are to assure satisfied subscribers.

You have our assurance of the most complete and up to date information.