Often something as simple as contact information is the missing link to a successful transaction, and our up-to-date database can make a difference for professionals who need to reach the right person at the right time."

Richard Lane
Former President, Lane Guide


If you want to reach a specific bank we'd recommend looking into the Lane Guide. I also highly recommend the Lane Guide for finding good phone numbers for both the lender and the trustee."
Sean O'Toole


An ideal reference for your short sale negotiations, or to create a contact list for REO departments for lenders lending in your state or nationwide."
Margot Murphy


If you are out there struggling to connect with bank resources like loss mitigation and asset managers -- Lane Guide is your answer. How do I know this? I have used this incredible tool to gain relationships with the people that matter at many institutions."
JW Najarian
Commercial RE Investor


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Convenient 24/7 Internet Version
Lane Guide Online is the convenient way to access our database from home, office or on the road.  You will have access to over 140,000 listings and details for all lenders, including cross-reference successor history for closed or merged institutions.  All available 24/7 for one low annual rate...


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