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I have been using the Lane Guide Directory for a week now, and it has already shown its usefulness. I needed to contact the REO department of a major bank, and the mortgage in question was issued to a bank the current owner acquired. Click, click, and I had the current address, name and phone information of the current bank. I dictated a letter, sent it to 3 of the addresses, and I am now confident that my missive will reach the eyes of the bank official who needs to see it. Thanks, Richard Lane. Great product"..

Richard M. Georges, Esq.


I would tell everyone in the business, under no circumstance should any escrow people operate without this directory. Lane Guide really saves time!"..

Jack Davis
Title Industry Workshops


The escrow officer begins writing to lien holders by using the information contained in the Lane Guide.  The Lane Guide contains detailed information that shows the proper mailing address for a specific lender, and includes the fax number and telephone contacts".. [college textbook excerpt]

Dr. Donna L. Grogan
California Real Estate Escrow


Uses for Lane Guide


Negotiating short-sales, modifications or building a contact list for REO departments for lenders lending in your state or nationwide, the Lane Guide will put you ahead of the game"..

Deborah Leone
REO & Lending Industry Expert


Lane Guide is simply the best financial industry resource for R.E. brokers , mortgage brokers, Investors, for both professionals and novices. Everytime I need to contact a lender, find a contact, or inquire with a lender on a property status, I go to Lane Guide! It's simple to use even an 'old bird' like me can use it -- and I have for years. "

Robert "Bob" Newsom
RE Broker & Contractor (25+ years)


As Wholesale Account Executive in sub-prime lending I used the Lane Guide to search for new retail brokers to sell my banks products to, again the Lane Guide proved to be invaluable to me in building my book of business clients"..

David R. Dorsey, Senior Partner
Grace Equity Recovery


In this publication you will quickly find every financial institution. It saves time in finding the departments you need to contact" ..

Mike Kuretich, Lead Hazard
Dept. of Building & Safety

Lane Guide | Customer Profiles

Lane Guide is a convenient and effective way to locate lenders, financing companies, and bank-owned real-estate asset managers. Our services have grown and evolved over the last 50 years to aid our customers in researching information.

Our services have provided key information to professionals in many fields. Several examples include:

Attorneys & Trustees


The Lane Guide is used by attorneys and legal departments to facilitate real estate transactions, asset searches, or attachment services. The Guide is an ideal tool for locating the correct location and sending or calling for payoff quotes, beneficiary statements, mortgage discharges, assignments or title transfers, account attachment notices and alike.

Trustees use the Guide as a creditor directory. To help locate lenders and creditors, both secured and unsecured, for discharges, bankruptcy settlements, lien releases and foreclosure. When they have a stack of returned checks, they use Lane Guide to help them locate creditors or quickly find their successor.

Investigators also use the Guide in conjunction with asset searches and skip-tracing work. Our CD-ROM product allows them to find financial institutions by name, county, city or zip code range. If you have a need to contact financial institutions on a regular basis, Lane Guide is an ideal reference for your office.


Settlement and Loan Processing

Lane Guide Helps to locate the loan servicing centers for payoffs and demands. The escrow officer knows far too well that the address the borrower provides is oftentimes the "payment" address and NOT the actual location of records. Sometimes, the payment address is a third-party which only processes the payment for the institution. Therefore, the escrow professional uses the Lane Guide to determine the correct institution and the appropriate office or department of that institution. Plus, Lane Guide includes bank branch and deposit verification locations too.

Lane Guide provides street and mailing addresses, telephone numbers for verbal requests and follow-ups, fax numbers for those who may accept faxed payoff statement requests and a schedule of any applicable fees (i.e.: demands, updates, beneficiary statements, assumptions and alike). If the Guide saves you just one escrow delay a year, it has more than paid for itself. Our exclusive LenderTrace system make life easy for settlement professionals by finding step-by-step cross-references for closed lenders ( more information ).


Note Buyers/Defaulted Asset Investors

Serious Note Buyers and Investors have been using Lane Guide for years to contact the Credit and Special Asset departments of banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders. From reverted sales on the Courthouse steps to tracking down the current lender from county records data or foreclosure auction websites, Lane Guide saves you countless hours of research time and headaches!

We have all lenders in one place along with those hard to find non-public numbers for REO, Special Assets, Loan Serivcing and others. Why start your lender hunt in the phone book or endless internet searches when you can SPEED PAST GO! and get right to information you need. Additionally, Lane Guide lists REO and Defaulted histories for institutions so you can quickly identify the players in your area.   You'll most likely hear about our service in top training seminars and note buying guru's like Bob Leonetti, Steve Clements and Pete & Tony Youngs among others.



Tax & Code Enforcement

Municipal officials have been using Lane Guide for years for contacting mortgage companies regarding code violations and tax-lien notices.  With all the mergers and acquistions in the industry state and local authorities use Lane Guide to find the successor and the loan servicing departments for the lender of record.

Code enforcement officers are facing record violations on growing numbers of foreclosed, vacant or abandoned properties. Tax and Foreclosure record research only leads to large banks or distant mortgage companies. Code officers need to find the REO or Loan Service department in order to send notices of violations. Lane Guide gives them a quick and convenient tool for finding those contacts - nationwide.