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1. Use Restrictions: LANE GUIDE grants the End-User a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use this site and the information it contains ("Database") for the Subscription period commencing with the installation of this site and terminating upon subscription cancellation or non-renewal of annual fee, subject to the following restrictions: A) It may be used by the purchasing End-User and may not be re-sold, transferred or re-transmitted by any means without the express written permission of LANE GUIDE. B) The site may be accessed by one individual user at one time and may not be made available to multiple users by any means (without obtaining a separate multi-user license from LANE GUIDE). C) Each subscription is for an express period of time and cannot be used or accessed after expiration date.

2. Proprietary Rights: The Database is proprietary to LANE GUIDE and will remain the exclusive property of LANE GUIDE. The End-User obtains no rights therein as set forth in this license. The End-User agrees to take reasonable measures to ensure the such unauthorized use or replication is not made. Further, such infringements may result in criminal and/or civil liability under applicable law.

3. Availability: LANE GUIDE makes every reasonable effort to assure the site is available for online access. However, we cannot be responsible for inter-network connections, access speeds or availability. LANE GUIDE's entire liability and the End-User's exclusive remedy will be additional subscription contract time.

4. Disclaimer of Warranty: The Database and Software are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind (Including but not limited to any implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose or warranty of merchantability). LANE GUIDE does NOT warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use of or the results of the use of this site, it's accuracy, reliability or correctness. The entire risk as to the results and performance of this site is assumed by the End-User.

5. No Special Privileges Express or Implied: Use of this data does not grant End-User any unusual or special privileges regarding the exchange of loan, account or credit information. All listed parties exchange information and grant loans in accordance with their own policies and industry procedures. LANE GUIDE does NOT endorse, recommend, or warrant any lender or group of lenders.

6. Limitations of Liability: In no event shall LANE GUIDE'S total liability to the End-User for all damages, losses and causes of action exceed the total license fee for the individual site. NEITHER LANE GUIDE NOR ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN THE CREATION, PRODUCTION, OR DELIVERY OF THIS SITE SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF, OR THE INABILITY TO USE, THIS SITE.

7. Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada.

8. Complete Agreement: This license constitutes the entire agreement

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