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Routing Number Calculator

Enter the fraction from the check or deposit transaction slip, see the color-coded example (right) for explanation of each box.  If you have entered a valid code, the results will display and you can click the Locate Bank button to decode.
   Fractional to Numeric Converter


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9 Digit Version:
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Understanding Fractional Routing/Transit Numbers

Prefix City (Optional) No longer required and not used in the calculation of the 9-digit routing number.  However, most fractional routing numbers on checks continue to display it. This determines the closest Fed Bank branch to the issuing bank.

Institution ID (Required) This number identifies the issuing institution of the account.  This number is unique only within the Fed Bank series (the denominator). Determines digits 5 - 8 of the 9-digit routing number.

Issuing Branch No.  (Optional) This is the least commonly used aspect of the fractional routing number.  This is an optional assignment to show the originating branch.

Fed Bank Code  (Required) This determines the institution type and the reserve bank the account is processed through. Determines digits 1 - 4 of the 9-digit routing number.